List of current projects

Splat diagrams for VK5RMB

To use the Google Earth files, just download the zip file and then install Google Earth. Clicking on the .kml file will open Goggle Earth with the repeater coverage as an overlay, and then you can zoom in as much as you like..

  1. Regional Coverage 200 foot TX, 6 foot RX
  2. Google Earth files for VK5RMB, 200' TX 6' RX



Global Total Electron Count (TEC) Maps

The Australian produced upper TEC map is updated every 60 minutes and the lower US TEC map is updated every 5 minutes. Refesh page to update.

MBV08 Channel 48 UHF CB repeater

Digital Ham Radio

Usefull DMR resources

  1. Introduction to DMR
  2. Excellent cheap radio, the TYT MD380
  3. Mods for the TYT MD380
  4. Listen to DMR without a DMR radio (Just click on a group number)
  5. Register for a DMR number (need to do this before you can use your DMR radio)
  6. The BrandMeister DMR network
  7. Radioddity GD-77 Stuff
  8. BrandMeister Talk Group aggregator (sorts the most used TG's in real time!)
  9. How to setup a BrandMeister Parrot on a MD380

Usefull P25 resources

  1. Guide to Astro P25 radios
  2. Introduction to P25
  3. The OP25 project

Usefull NXDN resources

  1. What is NXDN?
  2. NXDN reference
  3. NXManager

UHF Hotspots (if you dont have a local DMR repeater)

  1. SharkRF openSPOT
  2. ZUMspot 
  3. DV-MEGA
  4. JumboSpot

DMR interface cards (for your DMR repeater or radio hotspot)

  1. RB_STM32_DVM
  2. DV-MEGA

DMR Repeater

  1. VK5RDM MMDWM repeater in Murray Bridge
  2. Mods for Tait T2000
  3. Use DR1-XE with MMDWM (translated from German)

Radioddity GD-77 stuff

Just a page for GD-77 codeplugs etc...

  1. Latest software and firmware as of 17-1-2017
  2. GD-77 Facebook page
  3. Hidden radioddity GD-77 download page




VK5RDM MMDWM repeater

VK5RDM coverage maps can be found here.

The VK5RDM repeater is based on a Yaseu DR1-XE using a STM-DVM board  with a Raspberry PI running the Pi-Star software. 

Please see the VK5RDM codeplugs page for Australian wide codeplugs that include VK5RDM.

New 2 Meter repeater using AllStar

Coverage Maps for possible locations of the proposed VK5RLM 2meter repeater using Splat

  1. Clubhouse locaton
  2. White hill location
  3. Giffords hill location
  4. Murray Bridge Watertower location