Digital Ham Radio

Usefull DMR resources

  1. Introduction to DMR
  2. Excellent cheap radio, the TYT MD380
  3. Mods for the TYT MD380
  4. Listen to DMR without a DMR radio (Just click on a group number)
  5. Register for a DMR number (need to do this before you can use your DMR radio)
  6. The BrandMeister DMR network
  7. Radioddity GD-77 Stuff

Usefull P25 resources

  1. Guide to Astro P25 radios
  2. Introduction to P25
  3. The OP25 project

Usefull NXDN resources

  1. What is NXDN
  2. NXDN reference
  3. NXManager

UHF Hotspots (if you dont have a local DMR repeater)

  1. SharkRF openSPOT
  2. ZUMspot
  3. DV-MEGA

DMR interface cards (for your DMR repeater or radio hotspot)

  1. RB_STM32_DVM
  2. DV-MEGA
  3. MMVDM

DMR Repeater

  1. Mods for Tait T2000