VK5RDM All of Australia DMR & analogue Repeaters codeplugs

These codeplugs are based on the VK2KVP codeplugs. Remember to update your Callsign (Radio Name) and DMR ID (Radio ID) in the "General Settings" section of your codeplug editor.


  1. VK5RDM MD380 All of Australia DMR & analogue codeplug (1.34 CPS, Firm. MD380 Tools 2018-02-08)


  1. VK5RDM GD77 All of Australia  DMR & analogue codeplug (2.05 CPS, Firm. 3.0.6)
  2. VK5RDM GD77 All of Australia  DMR & analogue codeplug (3.1.1 CPS, Firm. 3.1.6)



1. VK5RDM MD390 All of Australia DMR & analogue codeplug

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